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Booty Camp

Crazy idea from my co-workers, helping  me with my ever desire to drop weight... join Springville Boot Camp 6 weeks 2 days a week. with Lindsey Mathews
Now, I am in the most serious muscle pain... My wonderful bathtub is the Best...

Lindsey is a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist

She is Amazing!!!
These work out  focus on what seems to me to be each muscle in my body. I honestly can say I feel muscles I know I have but never worked enough to notice. I also get weekly recipes.

Oh and she gives us reminders like this Food Weighing Video
We use a progress tracker, this tracker helps me notice my weight loss. I also get stars for things I do like watch videos and eat right.
 This is the MOXIE schedule
6-7am:  Nutrition Class (just choose one nutrition class - you don't need to go to both - See note below)
8-9pm:  First camp workout - PM Class - Please come 5-10 minutes early to sign waivers if you're new 

 6-7am:  First boot camp workout - AM Class -  Please come 5-10 minutes early to sign waivers if you're new 
8-9pm:  Nutrition Class 

6:30-7am:  FREE Urban Fitness class!
6-7am:  AM Camp Workout
8:30-9:30pm:  PM Camp Workout

6:30-7am:  FREE Urban Fitness Workout!

The rest of the camp the schedule is as follows:
Mon 8-9pm/Wed 8:30-9:30pm- PM Boot Camp Workouts 
Tues/Thurs:  6-7am - AM Boot Camp Workouts   I will keep ya updated as I progress!!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Caseinate Free Diet

Caseinate Free Diet   
 So this all started with a kind of frightening moment when I received from my daughter a Macadamia Cluster (Costco brand) So Yum was this decadent sweet and salty combination. You see these fine-quality macadamia nuts are lightly dusted with sugar and salt, then covered in a soft creamy caramel to form clusters and finally enrobed in chocolate.

     Never have I ever encountered a reaction to food, at least not one like this. Only minutes after this wonderful piece of enjoyment I felt hot flushed, slightly uncomfortable with some breathing heaviness, and then my heart rate elevated. My daughter looked at me and said, “Mom! You don’t look so good, are you Okay?” I look down at my chest and upper arms where I noticed raised red blotches and the desire to itch them. Soon swelling to my lips I could feel my throat get slightly tight, but in no time my daughter said, “I have no Benadyl, but I do have Nyquil” Quick as that Glady (my daughter) gave me a good size shot of Nyquil and in less than 30 minutes I was feeling much better. My Son was worried about my breathing and kept asking if I was able to breathe without problem.
     The interesting thing was the unusually new to me ingredient in the cluster was “Sodium CaseinateGlady found that the most important features of caseinates are their very good solubility, water absorbability, viscosity, emulsification characteristic, stabilization of emulsion and foaming capability. Caseinate are mainly used as food supplements they improve nutrition features, taste and smell, increase the shelf life and enrich products with organic amino-acids. They are used in meat, bakery and confectioner industry, production of food and pharmaceutical concentrates drinks and dietetic products.
     Human beta-casein is the major protein found in human milk. The protein binds to calcium at its phosphorylated regions, which in turn are highly conserved. The calcium then binds the caseins together and forms micelles, which better enable it to be ingested by infants. It also has opioid type effects on newborn sleeping patterns. 

     These proteins are commonly found in mammalian milk, making up 80% of the proteins in cow milk and between 20% and 45% of the proteins in human milk

     I have always dealt with very sensitive skin, and just assumed my redden blotchy areas on my creamy pale/pink skin are just my uniqueness. I tend to suffer from little red patches of problem skin – chapping around the nose, on the lips, and rough, sore skin on my hands.

     Many products on the market are not suitable for my skin, because it easily reacts to various ingredients in products, which is why I have spent many years looking for specially formulated creams for sensitive skin.
So after talking with a few co-workers I came to the decision that just maybe I have been dealing with this food allergy all my life. And this is why I am going to try a dairy/caseinate free diet and commit to 6 weeks without dairy/caseinate…
HELP!!!! Lil support with any information will be greatly appreciated as I truly adore milk.

The Casein-Free Diet - Quick Start Guide

When removing dairy from the diet
1,Adequate calcium and vitamin D must be added in the form of fortified milk substitutes or acceptable vitamin and mineral supplements. (Especially being my age)
2,Guidance from a qualified physician or nutritionist is strongly advised.

Foods that contain casein
Half & Half
Sour Cream
Cheese (most, except some soy brands)
White or Milk Chocolate
Ice Cream
Ice Milk
Creamed Soups and Vegetables
Soup Bases

Bovines and you

All bovine milk and milk products
contain casein. Avoid foods
derived from goat and
sheep milk, as well as cow
dairy products.
Foods that may contain casein
Tuna Fish
Dairy-Free Cheese (most brands)
Cosmetics, Medicines
Lactic Acid
Artificial Flavorings
Semi-Sweet Chocolate
Hot Dogs
Lunch Meats
Dairy free may contain casein.

Many non-dairy foods contain casein
proteins. Avoid foods that contain any
ingredient with casein or caseinate.
Casein-free alternatives
Rice, Soy or Potato-Based Milks
  PareveCreams and Creamers
Mocha Mix
  Tofutti Brand Better Than Cream Cheese®
Tofutti Brand Sour Supreme®
Italian Ices
Soy Ice Cream (not all flavors)
Ghee (if guaranteed casein free)
  Soymage Cheese
  Tofutti Brand Non-Dairy Desserts (not all flavors)
Coconut Butter
Imagine Brand Soups
Coconut Milk

Kosher is good

Kosher pareve foods are casein
free. Foods certified as kosher
non-dairy or pareve are free of dairy proteins

Definition: Parve is a Hebrew term (pareve is the Yiddish term) that describes food without any meat or dairy ingredients.
•Be a food detective
•Always read labels
•If in doubt, go without •

Call food companies
if ingredients

Monday, November 12, 2012


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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day The Meaning...

     The meaning of Veterans Day has changed for me these last few years; I have always had respect for our Veterans due to my Father. He would be sure to buy the pansies being sold by the various retired Veterans in front of the random stores. The sale of these small flowers is a way of raising money for different Veteran projects. No matter the donation the Veteran would hand you a red pansy.
     Pansies are known for their hardiness and ability to produce a flower of striking beauty even in harsh weather and adversity. The French word “pensee,” meaning thoughts, in particular the thoughts of loved ones. The myth grew that you could see a loved one in the face of the pansy.
     These days I see a Veteran in a different way, I am amazed at the extraordinary havoc the military placed upon them. I have heard many experiences’ told by WWI, WWII, Korean, Vietnam, OIF, OEF, DS, OND and So many other operations handed to our armed men and women. Each of these operations holds specific and Unique Health Risks. They Combined Penetrating, Blunt Trauma, and Burn Injuries. The Vietnam time gave way to chemicals we all know as Agent Orange.
     Our Veterans gave more than most, they still live the memories. The smell of dirt brings back the reminders of underground tunnels. The site of a random act like taking out the trash places a trigger of memories of the body bags. The smell of the pesticides at your local hardware store gives memories of Vietnam. So many basic actions we think nothing of are daily reminders of excruciating physical and mental pains.
     The Veteran just deals with it, by keeping to self. Drinking,drugs,anger issues, and commitment problems are just a few on-going battles that are continued. Most WWI, WWII and Korean War Vets never seem to open up, and a Vietnam Vets would never talk due to persecutions.   I personally remember a conversation between my Daddy and my oldest brother. My brother asked, “How did you handle the memories Dad? You never seem to have problems.” my Dad answered, “I drink a few beers and just try and think of the good things.”
     I have had the Honor and Pleasure of working for U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs at VA Montana and now for VA Salt Lake City. Being a nurse taking care of these Men and Women, well it has been an honor and I really enjoy the character and depth in their personality. I admire their true Hero mentality. I am blessed to have met many hear the truths and feel just a bit of the pain as they have attempted to open up. God Bless the Men and Women that fight for our rights. God Bless the real mark of heroism.
     So do me a favor, Next time you meet a Veteran Say, Thank you. Next time you hear a Mom say her son is in the military, Say, Thank you. Next time you look in the eye of a Veteran selling the red pansy give up a buck or two but be sure to say, Thank you for your service. May God bless our families who give their sons and daughters
Sincerely and with Great Honor,